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My work seeks to capture and express the delicate balance of loss and finding within matters of life. What starts as an empty expanse becomes an environment of healing, excavation, and regeneration.  



“Life is full of joy and adversity. We can be consumed by them or lifted by them.” Krystal Hart is a contemporary artist living and working in North Carolina. Hart’s near death experience was the adversity that became the catalyst for the work that engulfs her. Hart received her BFA from New York Institute of Technology and is a distinguished recipient of various honors and residencies including a 2007 Chair Person Fine Arts Award, a 2009 and 2012 Limner Society Residency, a 2011 and 2017 NC Regional Artist Grants, and the 2018 Mass MoCA Masters of Abstraction Workshop in Residency.

“Beauty and adversity dance together in something bigger than us.” Krystal’s practice juxtaposes dualities of life. She reconstructs fragments of memory, debris, upcycled psyche, prayers, symbols, scars, hope, loss and emotion regenerating on an ethereal stage.

Sumi ink details



Krystal employs regional soils, inks, metals, pigments, and minerals intermingled with man-made materials  or structural  imagery to further explore the dichotomy of our delicate existence. The organic and inorganic materials and process also hints to the glass and metal in her body. Getting to know people and their stories is as much apart of her process as being in the studio. Krystal travels to slum communities, volunteers with cancer patients, and sits under the stories of war veterans, refugees, trauma victims, and any who will share their life with her. As actions of intercession she paints the joys and sufferings of lives onto various substrates.

Grinding down NC soil


Making sumi ink

Regenerate #2

North Carolina Soil and muller

Myocardial Debris Infraction close-up

Sumi Stone and Other Materials

Works at CVA gallery

Krystal Hart travels