Pieces: A Paradoxy @ Golden Belt

With an expectant, held breath, with heart in hands, piece by piece, bit by bit, I anticipate the beauty of becoming.

The Durham Art Guild presents “Pieces: A Paradoxy” featuring works by DAG member Krystal Hart. “Pieces: A Paradoxy” emerge out of the “Did you hear the news?” conversations, midnight text messages of adverse situations, consistent and normal to us as part of the human condition. Symbols allude to the supplanting instances of Hart’s personal physical challenges. The work is preoccupied with the essence of human transversion. She investigates physical, social, psychological and theological constructs of human existence, while navigating a world in flux. The psychology and physiology of regeneration in tandem with cacophonic environments interest her. The work rests in duality as Hart ponders what is, and the possibilities of becoming. For Hart adversities are human connecting points. She see her process as acts of intercession and networks of human connectivity. The work catalyzes hope and promotes empathy through experiential expression.

In this selected body of work some of the adversities abstracted include: natural disaster, medical diagnoses, auto accident, relationships, loss, trauma, and pain.

This exhibition is on view in the DAG Gallery at Golden Belt Campus July 29 – August 27, 2019.

Third Friday Durham Reception: August 16 from 6-9pm

More info HERE

Krystal Hart — www.krystalhart.com

DAG Gallery and Studios

Golden Belt Campus

Mill No. 1

800 Taylor St.

Durham NC, 27701